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What Are Freckles?

Freckles are small brown spots that are usually found body areas that are most exposed to the sun. This is because freckles are formed from exposure to UV-B radiation. UV-B is radiated by the sun and causes our body to increase its melanin production (aka dark pigment). For this reason, freckles are mostly found on the face, chest, hands, and shoulders. You may find yourself linking them to children, as many will usually have them from playing outside without sun protection. Needless to say, because of this link, people often associate freckles with having a youthful appearance. While some view them as enhancing a youthful look, others view them as blemishes and seek treatment to remove them. That’s where we come in!

How We Treat Them

At City Laser Clinic, we are able to treatment freckles with our one of our laser devices. Depending on your skin and freckle type, we will treat your freckles with either our Medlite Q-Switched, Alexandrite, or Co2 Laser. A [free] consultation is required prior to treatment to determine which laser you will require for removal. Whilst treatments may differ with skin type, 1-2 treatments is normally all that is required for complete removal.

Please note that whilst freckles are dark upon recent sun exposure, they do fade on their own as we age and stay out of the sun. It is important to note that freckles are not a skin disorder. However if you notice any changes in your spots, please visit your GP for a medical assessment immediately. If we think that any of your freckles look unusual, we will also refer you to your GP for a medical assessment & may need a medical clearance prior to treatment.

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