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Laser Hair Removal

City Laser Clinic offers the safest & most effective Laser Hair Removal (LHR) procedures on the market today. Our LHR procedures are performed by the worlds leading technology – CANDELA GentleLASE (Alexandrite Laser 755nm). We have chosen this machine as it is a genuine, FDA approved, Medical Grade Laser that delivers true results. It is medically recommended as the most effective way to permanently treat hair, particularly for folliculitis (ingrown hairs).

Finally, you can be free of any unwanted hair and those painful ingrown hairs! Laser Hair Removal opens the door to a new world, where painful waxing, constant shaving, and bumpy skin becomes a thing of the past. It is the key to a smooth, hair free, in-grown free skin and will give you the confidence to finally wear that bathing suit!

How does it work?

As you may know, Laser Hair Removal is a process that helps to reduce hair growth. By using this hair removal method you can achieve up to 95% of permanent hair loss. Even after only one laser treatment, you will notice a large reduction in the amount of hair growing back. However usually 8-10 sessions are recommended to achieve the best laser hair removal results. This is because only the actively growing hair (anagen phase) follicles are destroyed. Unfortunately it is impossible for all hair to be in the active growing phase, at the same time.

Is it Safe?

It is understandable to question the safety of something with such permanency. We can assure you that Laser Hair Removal is safe, no matter which area(s) you are treating. This includes the cranium (scalp), face, and even genital areas. The laser energy is used to target and disrupt hair follicles whilst leaving the skin unaffected. This energy cannot penetrate far enough into the skin to reach or affect any of our internal organs.

At City Laser Clinic our laser technicians ensure a safe and comfortable environment for you, guaranteeing your results. We will not proceed with any treatments if we know the laser is not safe for you for any reason.

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