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RF Microneedling Prices


Individual Price
x4 Prepaids
Face Only$480.00$1,800 ($450.00 each)
Face + Neck$550.00$2,000 ($500.00 each)
Decolletage$550.00$2,000 ($500.00 each)
Neck + Decolletage$550.00$2,000 ($500.00 each)
Face + Neck + Decolletage$950.00$3,400 ($850.00 each)
Hands$350.00$1,200 ($300.00 each)


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Client gossip;

I have been getting laser treatments for the last five years (for pigmentation, skin tone and anti aging) but this clinic and their expertise far exceeds any procedure I have had previously! I am so happy with my results – thank you so much!!! Ellen was absolutely brilliant, so knowledgeable and a complete professional.

Peita Piper

After getting laser hair removal done at the clinic, I decided to try laser treatment for the sun damage on my face and the results were amazing! I’m in my mid 40’s so the sun damage was quite obvious – key word being “was”. The whole procedure and aftercare were explained to me thoroughly before starting which I really appreciated as I was quite nervous about having it done. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and put you at ease – which is especially important when they are dealing with your “delicate” areas!! lol… Would definitely recommend.

Lisa Fanning

I am extremely happy with the results of my recent pigmentation treatments. My hands had been an area of concern to me due to sun damage. They now look great ! Ellen is professional, experienced and friendly. I highly recommend CLC .

Amanda Smith

(02) 9232 8090