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ULFIT HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive technique to significantly tighten and contour aging skin. At City Laser Clinic, we use the medical grade & TGA-approved Ulfit HIFU technology as it allows us to use Micro Focused Ultrasound AND Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound. The micro and macro ultrasounds are capable of targeting and melting unwanted fat in the subcutaneous tissues of the skin as well as strengthening and tightening the surface of the skin to treat & prevent any sagging. The treatments can be performed comfortably on the face and body without the need of anesthesia or preparation, providing an instant as well as ongoing result.

How Ulfit HIFU Works

Ulfit HIFU uses 65-75°C of HIFU to target your specific area of concern. This will cause skin coagulation to the targeted tissue and trigger your skin to stimulate a wound healing response. The wound healing response has three separate phases which all play a role into the breakdown of fat and tightening of the skin.


  1. The first response is inflammation (red, hot, slightly swollen skin) which occurs immediately post treatment and lasts up to 48 hours.
  2. The second phase occurs from the third day until the 6th week after the treatment. This will cause a rapid production of new skin cells, break the tissue into small particles, cause the wounded cells to contract, and stimulate collagen synthesis.
  3. The third and final stage of the wound healing process is the remodeling phase. During this final stage, the collagen fibres are strengthening and rearranging themselves, causing the skin to visibly lift and tighten, and the fat layer is reduced.

What Can Ulfit HIFU Treat?

This device can treat most areas on the face and body that stores excess fat and where loss of elasticity is most common. These areas include:


Forehead and Periorbital



Cheek, jowl line and v-line

Chin and double chin


Back and flanks


Inner and outer thighs

Treating Body Versus Face

Whilst it is exciting that we can tighten stretched skin and rid stubborn, unwanted fat, it is not favorable for everyone on all areas of the body. Many of us would be happy to lose volume on locations such as our inner & outer thighs, stomach, and back of our arms, however not on the face. Volume in the face is responsible for a youthful, rejuvenated, & glowing appearance which many of us strive for and would not want to remove.

The Ulfit HIFU allows us to target specific areas by allowing us to change the cartridges (and therefore depth) for each area. Controlling the depth of the HIFU is important in order to target what we would like to alter in the skin. For example, a 6mm depth is used to reach the subcutaneous layer of the skin to specifically target fat cells. However if we want rejuvenate the skin without losing volume, we would use a maximum of 4.5mm which will be able to focus on firming and lifting the skin whilst retaining the volume. Through the varying changeable cartridges, we are able to achieve a non-surgical face lift, AKA the hollywood facial!

Ulfit HIFU Price List





Full Face, Periorbital, Neck Skin Tightening and Lifting


$2,400 ($1,200 each)

$3,000 ($1,000 each)

Neck Lifting


$600 ($300 each)

$750 ($250 each)

Neck Fat Reduction


$600 ($300 each)

$750 ($250 each)

Neck Fat Reduction & Lifting


$800 ($400 each)

$1,050 ($350 each)

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