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At City Laser Clinic, we use the best available Candela GentleLase and MedLite Q-Switched machines. Our laser therapists are trained, qualified and experienced in the safe operation of the equipment and the effective treatment for laser hair Removal and the Skin Blemishes that we provide aesthetic therapy for.

As part of the safe operation, you will notice that about every 3 to 4 minutes your therapist changes a small lens at the tip of the hand-held applicator.  This lens is part of the application gauge and is one of the many safety elements of the laser machines used at City laser Clinic.

The laser hair removal Treatment gauge is very much what its name implies – the gauge allows your therapist to hold the tip against your skin at the best distance to achieve the most effective results for the treatment that you are receiving.
There are a range of gauges for different skin types and therapies.  The lens in the treatment gauge is designed to focus the laser energy and provide abundant safety in operation.  Depending on the area being treated and the various settings, adjusted for your skin and hair types and the area being treated, this laser hair removal treatment gauge lens may form white spots that obscure the laser energy – so they are changed at proper intervals.

For health reasons the treatment gauges and lens are sterilised, for your health, before every use and disposed well before they reach the manufacturers specified limits.

Therefore, when you see your therapist “fiddling about” with the hand-held applicator they are changing the laser hair removal treatment gauge lens to assure safe and effective operation during your treatment.  We exceed manufacturer specifications and the manufacturers’ authorised representatives service our machines, safety is paramount at City Laser Clinic.

At City Laser Clinic, our machines are thoroughly checked each day and our operators constantly alert to assure continuing safe operation, because of our diligence, we have never had an adverse event with any of our laser hair removal or pigmentation machines.

As the Principal Therapist at City Laser Clinic, I have more than 15 years experience in aesthetic beauty therapy and more than 9 years experience operating laser hair removal and pigmentation therapy machines without an incident.  I know these machines to be safer than chemical treatments and other electronic therapies.

At City Laser Clinic, health and safety are as important as the results we achieve for our clients.

Ellen Alexander

(02) 9232 8090