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City Laser Clinic we use the global technology leader in laser hair removal: CANDELA GentleLASE (Alexandrite Laser 755 nm). CANDELA GentleLASE is a system of medical laser WITHOUT IPL (intense pulsed light) Genuine tested by the Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GentleLASE emits light of a specific wavelength to the hair. The energy destroys the follicle used much more effectively and safely. IPL wave lengths only act on the surface. Melanin absorbs lasers used in laser hair removal. The GentleLASE laser system is a powerful revolutionary long-pulse alexandrite that emits a beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle, which absorbs it. The laser energy is transformed into heat that destroys the follicle without damaging the skin around them. The beam of light can not reach the internal organs. After a few sessions, the follicles become sterile preventing hair growth. Laser hair removal is a safe method regardless of the area in which it is used. The hair has cycles of growth. The number of sessions depends on the color laser hair removal and skin tone and hair hardness. The minimum number of sessions is six to eight since treatment is only effective if it is done during the process of hair growth. Sessions must be repeated when the follicles are in the first phase of hair growth. In some cases you will be required eight to twelve sessions, as deemed therapist. Hair can be reduced up to 90%, although the results are individualized. The hair remains will be much weaker, soft and can be monitored with a maintenance sessions. When you have finished your treatment, we recommend performing 2 to 3 sessions per year maintenance. You can not use on blondes, redheads or on the gray hair. Laser hair removal is recommended by doctors to be the most effective in controlling hair growth method. In fact it is a method recommended by doctors. Our laser has a dynamic cooling system that cools the skin which is in contact, making the treatment more comfortable and tolerable. Customers describe this feeling as if an elastic band hit the skin, but can not forget that pain is a different feeling for each person. Please do not epilate with wax or any method to boot the hairs between sessions. Instead, use a razor or depilatory creams. If little time depilated with wax or razor ago, we advise you to wait about four weeks to grow her hair and then shave the area three days before the laser hair removal session. Stay out of the sun waxed area during previous or subsequent to the meeting two weeks. Do not use self-tanning creams during the week prior to the laser hair removal session. Please, use a sunscreen factor 30+ if you expose your skin to the sun after the sessions. Shave the area to be waxed three days before the session. Avoid long hair (max 3mm) Book your free consultation today.

Female facial area:

If you have an abnormal growth of facial hair, or if the hair is very thick, consult your doctor first about the cause of the problem. Before you begin your laser hair removal treatment, make sure the cause is not hormonal. If this were the case, please tell your therapist during the consultation. The first thing you notice as you continue your treatment is a change in the texture of hair. weaker, soft It will grow and will be less. Then, when you take eight or ten sessions, one every six weeks, you will notice a significant reduction in the amount of hair growing. It can be achieved, but not guarantee a reduction of up to 80%. In the face will require further maintenance therapy to control the remaining hair. We can not guarantee or warrant results in facial hair removal. We recommend going to a free consultation so we can assess your type of hair and skin. Our prices are very competitive. List price no contracts, no obligations. All prices you for treatment. Note : To ensure our affordable prices , payments by credit card and EFTPOS a surcharge of 1.5% will be added. AMEX and business cards: a surcharge of 3% is added.

Male clients

We recommend a minimum of six to eight sessions six weeks apart for a reduction of up to 75% with a session every six weeks. However, if you just want to lose up to 80% of the hair, you need twelve to fifteen sessions due to its large amount of testosterone. The hair that may be, will be much smoother and finer and can be controlled with a maintenance session every three months. Those men who dislike shaving can also benefit from facial hair removal. In addition to removing the obligation to shave daily, also prevent irritation and the hairs that grow inside. We recommend going to a free consultation so that we can assess your skin type and make a personalized quote. Our prices are very competitive. List price no contracts, no obligations. All prices you for treatment. Note: To ensure our affordable prices, payments by credit card and EFTPOS a surcharge of 1.5% will be added. AMEX and business cards: a surcharge of 3% is added.

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