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My name is Maria and I would like to share a couple of things with you.

A lot of clients ask me if it is ok to put deodorant on before your Laser Hair Removal treatment. Yes, it is ok, but do not apply deodorant after Laser Hair Removal for at least 24 hours. The skin on your underarms is irritated so the best way is to keep it cool and less irritated is to refrain from applying deodorant and to apply Aloe Vera Gel after your Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Clients who treat the face, neck, chest, nipples, snail and back of the thighs- this is a hormonal area. With the snail and the back of the thighs we have a good result even though it is a hormonal area. You will need between 8-12 treatments.

Unfortunately the face, along with the chest and nipple area is a long commitment so we do not know how many treatments you will need because every bodies response is different to Laser Hair Removal. However you will notice a much finer re growth.

Clients with course hair (usually growing on lip, chin area and side burns) we suggest to come into our clinic every 2 weeks initially for at least 3-4 treatments, then your technician will advise on the duration between each treatment thereon after- from our experience we find that with this Laser Hair Removal treatment plan we speed up the process and hair will grow back a lot more finer.

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