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Photo-Mechanical vs Photo-Thermal – Collagen Remodelling

It is true – all Lasers and IPL treatments lead to marked improvements in dermal layer thickness and collagen fiber density, and thus increase in fibroblast number and hydroxyproline (common proteinogenic amino acid) content compared with their own controls.

The effectiveness of collagen remodelling induced by laser treatment can be attributed to the unique physical properties of Laser technology. By wavelength selection, the laser can effectively target the specific chromospheres, such as melanin, oxgen-hemoglobin and water. It defines the penetration depth, which affects the extent of the laser treatment in the skin.

The laser pulse duration determines the mechanism of laser-tissue interactions (photo-thermal vs. Photo-mechanical effect), which may result in different repairing mechanisms once the local damage is induced by the laser treatment. The laser energy density affects the degree of specific laser effect set by the laser pulse duration. The optimal combination of those parameters may lead to the most effective collagen remodelling while minimizing side-effect during the non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation.

The efficiency of photo-mechanical effects (Q-switched laser) is promoting more effectively the synthesis of collagen Type III. Where is the photo-thermal (such as Long Pulse Lasers and IPL) effect favoured more the formation of collagen Type 1.

Among the new collagen genesis after 4-6 treatments (every fortnight), collagen Type III will increase sharply after the MedLite Q-switched 1,064-nm laser treatment. Whereas only collagen Type 1 will be elicited by using Long Pulsed laser and IPL technology.

Rapid sequences of long 1,064-nm laser pulses enable a large area to be covered quickly by multiple passes, causing diffused general heating of the upper dermis and thus stimulating healing response and collagen remodeling.

For the maximum results, 6 – 8 laser treatments with our Medlite Q-Switched Laser are recommend every 2 weeks, followed by a laser treatment every 6 weeks to maintain amazing results.

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