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Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective method of hair removal for most people, especially for people with light skin and natural dark hair. Inherently Laser Hair Removal treatment is more effective with thick dark hair than it is with thin light hair. If you have natural dark hair and dark skin you can still be benefit from laser hair removal treatment, however additional laser treatments are usually required to achieve satisfactory results. Laser Hair Removal treatment is generally not effective on naturally Grey, Red or Blonde hair, but electrolysis may be able to provide satisfactory results for these natural hair colours


How hair removal by electrolysis works:

Electrolysis works by running an electric current into each hair follicle heating and destroying the follicle.  The process involves the therapist inserting a sterile needle into each hair follicle in the area being treated, and then triggering a low-level electrical current destroying the follicle. Electrolysis is directed at one hair at a time, and is time consuming, tedious and dependant on the therapist identifying each follicle. Please Note: Not all the hair will be removed after every treatment; you will be required to return up to 4 to 8 times in order to complete one small area per treatment. You may require repeating full treatments up to 4 times.


How Laser Hair Removal Works

Lasers used for Laser Hair Removal work by delivering an intense beam of light that is absorbed by the skin. This light is converted to heat and is absorbed by the cells being targeted, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. City Laser Clinic uses CANDELA GentleLase, the most trusted name in the industry that includes a patented skin-cooling device assuring more comfort and safety; and better results for you.

Laser Hair Removal is effective on hairs in the growth (Anagen) phase; this represents more than 75% of the hair at any particular time. The follow up sessions are to target the remaining hairs as they enter the growth (Anagen) phase. Every Laser Hair Removal treatment, like every person, is unique. Individual treatments will vary according to skin and hair colour, the lighter your skin and the darker your hair, the better the results achieved.


Comparison Between Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis


Treatment Duration

– Laser Hair Removal

Treatment Duration

– Electrolysis

Bikini LineLess than 10 min8 to 16 hours
Under ArmsLess than 5 min4 to 8 hours
ChinLess than 3 min4 to 8 hours
Upper LipLess than 2 min2 to 8 hours



Laser Hair removal is non-invasive and a safer more effective solution for hair removal for most persons.  Other solutions, including electrolysis may be appropriate for persons with naturally Grey, Red or Blonde hair. Please contact City Laser Clinic to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss a treatment plan that suits your needs with one of our trained, qualified and experienced laser hair removal staff. Please also note that we do not perform electrolysis.

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