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Laser Hair Removal vs Waxing

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Absolutely! Laser Hair Removal is safe no matter which areas you are treating. Laser energy is used to selectively target and disrupt hair follicles whilst leaving the skin unaffected.

The Laser beam is unable to reach any internal organs. Laser Hair Removal is a process that helps to reduce hair growth. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a longer lasting hair removal solution. By using this hair removal method you can achieve up to 95% permanent hair loss.

In many cases even after only one treatment a vast reduction in the amount of hair growing back can be seen. If you have natural dark hair and dark skin you can still be benefit from laser hair removal treatment, however additional treatments are usually required to achieve satisfactory results.

Laser hair removal treatments are generally not effective on naturally Grey, Red or Blonde hair, but electrolysis may be able to provide satisfactory results for these natural hair colours.

Laser hair removal is safer and preferable to other treatments such as shaving and avoids the risk of “Shaving Bumps” and ingrown hairs.  Other treatments such as Cream Depilatories can cause chemical burns, whilst waxing requires hair growth that really misses the point and purpose of hair removal.


How does waxing differ?

A wax combination is spread over the skin, and then a cloth strip is pressed on the top and then ripped off with a quick movement removing the wax along with the hair and dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth. How long will it take until hair grows? Generally between 3-8 weeks hair will re-grow, although generally finer. 60% of people will suffer from terrible in-grown hair problem due to this method. Unlike waxing, there is no need for long hair during laser hair removal treatment.

Hair must be short for your laser hair removal treatment, about 2-3 days hair growth, 3mm max. You will also save money by choosing Laser Hair Removal method. Your average Brazilian and underarm Waxing Treatment costs approx $75.00 once a month.  This can total to $900.00 a year, every year.  For example if you choose to have Brazilian and underarms waxed from the age of 25 until at least 40, that’s an expense of about $13,500.00. With CANDELA GentleLase Laser Hair Removal Treatment, a Brazilian and underarm will require between 6 and 8 treatments each 6 weeks, by the end of 12 month you would have completed your treatment, would have paid approximately $960.00, and will only require 2 to 3 maintenance visits a year at $70.00 each.

Laser hair removal is a much more cost effective solution. It’s worth mentioning that like most technology, Laser Hair Removal have advanced and improved over the past few years. If you’ve had laser treatment in the past and were disappointed with the results, it’s worth trying again now, consider having a small area treated so you can assess the improvement in comfort and results.

At City Laser Clinic, the Candela GentleLase therapeutic laser machines that we use have a dynamic cooling device. This cools the skin on by spraying a safe (inert) gas onto the skin to cool it, making the laser hair removal treatment more comfortable.  Clients describe the feeling of laser to an elastic band snapping against the skin but individual pain experience can vary. Contact City Laser Clinic on 02 9232 8090 to arrange a free consultation to discuss a treatment plan that suits your needs.

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