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Male Ear and Nose Hairs

The growth of ear and nose hairs as we age is evidence of the reality that permanent laser hair removal relates to hair follicles existing at the time of laser treatment, AND that new hair follicles arise as we grow older.

Those new hair follicles can be in existing areas of hair growth and replace lost follicles and/or supplementing and increasing the number of existing follicles and making the hair growth thicker in that area of the body; or the new follicles can be in areas of the body that have previously not exhibited hair growth.

There is a normal level of hair growth in nostrils and ears, and a range that extends to excessive and that may require management. At City Laser Clinic we receive many inquiries about male ear and nose hairs and possibility of laser hair removal on the areas.

These are sensitive parts of the body and our trained, qualified laser hair removal therapists are experienced using our medical grade Candela GentleLase laser machines to achieve satisfying management of excessive ear and nose hairs.

The GentleLASE 755 nm Alexandrite Laser is recognised as the premier hair removal laser, treating quickly, comfortably and effectively, the CANDELA GentleLASE also incorporates a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™) to maximise client safety and comfort.

Management of ear and nose hair by other means including waxing, shaving and trimming will achieve short term results and improvement of appearance but these processes also stimulate the growth of hair and make the hair increasingly visible when it grows back.

Laser Hair Removal is the best way to manage unsightly ear and nose hairs; however, because those hairs usually occur because of hormonal changes in the body they may need more treatments and more frequent treatment.

At City Laser Clinic our laser therapists will provide you with an assessment of your personal situation and guidance for a laser hair removal treatment and maintenance plan that suits your needs and expectations. Permanen Hair Removal Ears and Nose

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