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Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is safe no matter which areas are being treated, because the Laser does not pass beyond the second layer of skin (dermis) where the hair follicles are.

Health benefits

In Sydney’s Hot Humid summer climate the Male Brazilian is reported to increase comfort and reduce chafing, other reports indicate a reduced likelihood of transmission of some forms of STD’s and of pubic lice. Of course, this may not be a concern to you, but it is worth considering.

What to expect during laser treatments:

Even the toughest of men can quite reasonably be concerned about safety and what to expect during laser treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is a proven safe and effective method for achieving smooth healthy skin and achieving the benefits of that appearance. The trained, qualified laser therapists at City Laser Clinic are experienced and accustomed to treating for permanent hair removal on men in their pubic area – the “Male Brazilian”.

You can expect to be greeted warmly and made comfortable in the air-conditioned treatment room; our laser therapist will assess your hair and skin type and discuss a laser treatment and maintenance plan with you that suit your individual needs and expectations.

We will meet your needs for modesty and our lasertherapists will always work to your comfort level and tell you what they are doing. The great results outweigh the minor embarrassment that some men feel during laser treatments.

The Male Brazilian: Considerations and Options

The decision on the extent and area for laser hair removal in the pubic area is one of personal choice and preference that you should discuss with your City Laser Clinic laser therapist. The decision as to method of hair removal is one if efficiency and safety.

Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective method of hair removal for most people, especially for people with light skin and natural dark hair. Inherently Laser Hair Removal treatment is more effective with thick dark hair than it is with thin light hair. If you have natural dark hair and dark skin you can still be benefit from laser treatment for hair removal, however additional laser treatments are usually required to achieve satisfactory results.

Laser treatment for hair removal is generally not effective on naturally Grey, Red or Blonde hair, but electrolysis may be able to provide satisfactory results for these natural hair colours.

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