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FAQ for Men

How long does it take?

Depending on your Laser Hair Removal treatment it can take anywhere between  15 min – 1 hour, your initial laser hair removal consultation may take slightly longer as we assess your needs, and expectations as well as your hair and skin type and determine a laser treatment regime that suits you. Every Laser Hair Removal treatment, like every client, is unique.  Individual laser treatments vary according to skin and hair colour, the lighter your skin and darker your hair, the better the results to be expected.

How many treatments will I require?

Depending on the area being treated you may need from 6 to 12 laser treatments, some men may require more treatments, depending on the thickness and type of hair and what results you are wishing to achieve. The following table is an illustrative guide to the time per treatment to achieve significant reduction you may require more laser treatments depending on your skin and hair type:



Time Per Session

The Scalp8-10 SessionsLess than 15 minutes
Face8-12 SessionsLess than 15 minutes
Chest8-12 SessionsLess than 30 minutes
Abdomen8-12 SessionsLess than 30 minutes
Upper Back8-12 SessionsLess than 30 minutes
Lower Back & Buttocks8-12 SessionsLess than 30 minutes
Upper Arm6-8 SessionsLess than 30 minutes
Lower Arm6-8 SessionsLess than 30 minutes
Upper Leg (Thigh)6-8 SessionsLess than 45 minutes
Lower Leg (Knee to Foot)6-8 SessionsLess than 40 minutes

Laser treatments should be repeated 4 to 6 weeks apart depending on the hair growth rate. Blonde, red and grey hairs cannot be effectively treated using currently available therapeutic technology.

What you need to do before Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Unlike waxing, there is no need for long hair.  Hair must be short for your laser treatment, about 2-3 days hair growth, 3mm max. Shave or trim the hair before your laser treatment. Shorter hair ensures the treatment is more comfortable for you and allows the laser energy to travel down to the follicle faster. Avoid sun exposure or solarium on the area for 2 to 3 weeks before laser treatment, and 1 to 2 weeks after laser treatment.  You can use Spray Tan 24 hours after the laser treatment.

What happens during the actual treatment?

You will be shown to a private laser hair removal treatment room and allowed time to undress to allow access to the body area being treated. After allowing time to undress (if necessary for treatment), your laser therapist will return knocking on the door before entering. The laser therapist will always explain what is happening and what they are going to do during your laser hair removal procedure. Together with your laser therapist, you will wear safety glasses to protect your eyes during the procedure. The laser therapist will use a small hand piece that touches your skin to deliver the laser pulse.

You may feel a light spray of coolant on your skin before each laser pulse. We cover an 18mm (20c coin) area per laser shot per second. Lasers work by delivering an intense beam of light that is absorbed by the skin. This light is converted to heat and is absorbed by the cells being targeted, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. It is important to understand that hair in the active growth phase are most affected by treatments as the hair contains optimum levels of melanin, which is directly targeted by the laser.

The laser does not break the skin; there are no needles or blood. At City Laser Clinic, the Candela GentleLase therapeutic laser machines that we use have a dynamic cooling device. This cools the skin on by spraying a safe (inert) gas onto the skin to cool it, making the treatment more comfortable. Clients have compared the feeling to an elastic band snapping against the skin but patients’ individual pain threshold can vary.

Post treatment care:

In general, avoid sun exposure, solarium or fake tan on the area for 2 to 3 weeks before treatment, and again 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment. We recommend applying a Sunscreen with at least 15+ SPF before even casual exposure to the sun.  Be very aware of your skin in the sun after your laser hair removal treatment, your skin is sun sensitive and be careful not to expose the area to the direct sun. Your hair can take up to 2 weeks to fall out; it may fall out up to the 14th day after the laser treatment.

Exfoliate the treated area 3 days after the treatment to help the falling our process; use a damp soapy face washer or an exfoliating glove. Firmly rub over the body area treated while showering.  This assists the hairs to fall out. Once your laser hair removal treatments have started, forcing the hair from the follicle will reverse the effect of the laser treatment. Therefore, waxing, plucking and other similar treatments are not recommended. However, you may shave, trim, use depilatory creams or clippers between treatments if needed.

Your trained, qualified and experienced City Laser Clinic laser hair removal therapist will explain the requirements to you before your first laser treatment.  Phone us on 02 9232 8090 to arrange a FREE laser consultation to discuss a laser treatment plan that suits your needs with one of our staff.

Are there any adverse side-effects to laser treatments?

A small percentage of persons treated may experience side effects (unwanted outcomes); these side effects are usually temporary and mild, though can be more severe and longer term.  They include:

  • Scarring though rare and more likely with darker skin types, it can occur with all skin types and especially if the required precautions (relating to sun exposure and some medicines) are not followed, before, during and after treatment.
  • Hyper-pigmentation (darker skin) can occur because of inflammation caused by laser treatment and a brown mark arises that usually takes some months to fade with the assistance of lightening agents.
  • Hypo-pigmentation (lighter skin): laser treatment can cause a loss of skin pigmentation in the treated area. This pigmentation usually returns but can take up to 12 months and in very rare cases can take so long that is considered permanent.
  • Bacterial or viral infection.  Any infection in a wound created by a laser has the potential for scarring and laser treatments have been known to trigger herpes simplex outbreaks.

Is it painful?

At City Laser Clinic, the Candela GentleLase therapeutic laser machines that we use have a dynamic cooling device. This cools the skin on by spraying a safe (inert) gas onto the skin to cool it, making the laser hair removal treatment more comfortable.  Clients describe the feeling to an elastic band snapping against the skin but individual pain experience can vary. For clients that do experience pain City Laser Clinic advises the use of a topical anaesthetic cream.

This cream can be applied to the area to be treated about 1hour prior to the treatment. The level of discomfort during laser hair removal treatments is different for every person depending on sensitivity; other considerations include the location and surface area to be treated.  Most clients do not request any pain control during laser hair removal treatment and relate the discomfort as comparable to mild sunburn.  Your laser therapist will discuss your options with you based upon your own tolerance and the body area to be treated.

Should I be receiving Laser Hair Removal treatment if I am on medication?

Roaccutane and Retin A are medications that can cause pigmentation to occur during laser treatment. We recommend not starting Laser Hair Removal treatment until at least 8 weeks after finalizing the course of your medications. Contact City Laser Clinic on 02 9232 80 90 to arrange a FREE laser consultation to discuss a laser treatment plan that suits your needs with one of our trained, qualified and experienced laser hair removal staff. The City Laser Clinic laser therapists do sometimes need to refer clients to their General Medical Practitioner for assessment and when in doubt will not treat until a Medical Clearance is provided.

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