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Blonde, Red and Grey Hair Types

If you have natural dark hair and dark skin you can still be benefit from laser treatment for hair removal, however additional laser treatments are usually required to achieve satisfactory results. Laser treatment for hair removal is generally not effective on Grey hairs, Red or Blonde hair. Please contact City Laser Clinic to arrange a FREE laser hair removal consultation to discuss a treatment plan that suits your needs with one of our trained, qualified and experienced laser hair removal therapists.

Why is Laser Ineffective on Grey, Red and Blonde hair?

Grey Hair lacks the pigment melanin and consequently is unable to absorb and transmit the laser energy to the hair root, resulting in little or no destruction of the hair growth follicle. Grey hair, Blonde and Red hairs do not have enough melanin pigment to transmit sufficient laser energy to destroy the hair root. However, for people with Grey, Red and Blonde hair, laser may still be an effective treatment for some skin conditions such as (non-cancerous) Skin Lesions arising from sun damage. See our Pigmentation Removal page.


There are other treatment solutions for types of hair not well managed by laser treatment, but those other forms of treatment may have disadvantages depending on your skin, hair, and personal expectations as regards the outcome. At City laser Clinic our laser therapists are trained, qualified, and experienced to advise you on appropriate laser treatment methodology and expected results for your natural hair colour and skin type.

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