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Pregnancy and Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal treatments have been used for many years for a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. CANDELA GentleLase is a trusted name in the therapeutic laser industry and has pioneered the development of some of the safest and most effective technologies and products available on the market today.

Whilst Laser Hair Removal is considered safe during Pregnancy, at City Laser Clinic we advise women against Laser Hair Removal treatment on the Bikini or abdominal area during pregnancy and ask women receiving laser treatments to advise us if they are pregnant. Our caution does not diminish or reduce the confidence we have in the safety and efficacy of Laser for Hair Removal and other treatments for some skin conditions, but is rather a precaution balanced on need and circumstances.

Other areas like arms, legs, face and underarms conceders to be safe areas for Laser Hair Removal treatment during Pregnancy. Many women experience hormonal hair growth during pregnancy, but this hormonal hair falls out later or can be treated after delivery of your baby. Whilst the hormonal hair associated with Pregnancy may be embarrassing and there is a temptation to seek or apply treatment.

City Laser Clinic advises against laser treatment and especially the alternatives to Laser such as Cream Depilatories that may contain chemicals that are known to cause harm to the baby you are carrying.

Most women find that the Hormonal hair growth exhibits only for a few months before falling out naturally, and nearly all report loss of that hair within a few months of delivery.

For those with real concerns

For women with real concerns about Hormonal Hair Growth during Pregnancy, at City laser Clinic we advise and recommend that you consult your General Medical Practitioner or Obstetrician. Contact City Laser Clinic to arrange a FREE laser consultation to discuss your needs with one of our trained, qualified and experienced laser hair removal staff.

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