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Laser Hair Removal – Teenage Girls

Young girls under age 18 require the presence of a parent on the first laser consultation or written consent from a parent. The permanence of Laser Hair Removal means that it should be carefully considered and evaluated in the context of possible future personal needs and expectations. Laser hair Removal is a safer, quicker and more efficient method for achieving a smooth hairless skin than alternatives such as shaving and avoids the risk of “Shaving Bumps” and ingrown hairs.

Other treatments such as Cream Depilatories can cause chemical burns, whilst waxing requires hair growth that really misses the point and purpose of hair removal. Laser hair removal is safe no matter which areas are being treated, because the Laser does not pass beyond the second layer of skin (dermis) where the hair follicles are.  Laser treatment for hair removal is generally not effective on naturally Grey, Red, White or Blonde hair.

Reasons for Hair Removal – Models

At City Laser Clinic, we recognise that many successful and aspiring young models and actors, both girls and boys, need to maintain an appearance that meets commercial expectations for models in our society. Laser hair Removal meets their needs for effective, safe Hair Removal without time-consuming treatments that cut in to their work and social schedules as well as family and education time commitments.

Reasons for Hair Removal – Athletes

Many young athletes present at City laser Clinic seeking Laser Hair Removal, this is particularly common for swimmers, cyclists and runners and we receive more inquiries from boys and men for permanent hair removal to increase their performance as athletes. In such competitive endeavours, body hair can make the difference of the hundredths of a second between winner and runner-up.

Other reasons for Hair Removal – Appearance on the Beach

At City Laser Clinic, we also recognise that active young women feel more confident on the beach in their bikini, knowing that stray hairs are not going to “spring forth”, avoiding the embarrassment and need for frequent adjustments. We also realise that many young men are embarrassed by excess hair in usual laces such as chest, abdomen and legs but especially excess and patchy hair on the back and buttocks.

Parental Consent

At City Laser Clinic, we require a parent or legal guardian to complete and sign consent for laser Hair Removal on a person under 18 years of age.  The permanence of Laser Hair Removal means that it should be carefully considered and evaluated in the context of possible future personal needs and expectations. Laser hair removal is a proper consideration for several purposes and reasons, but should be decided by the teenager in consultation with their parent’s advice.

Other Considerations for Teenagers

Whilst Laser Hair Removal works the same for young people as it does for older people, there are matters relating to commitment to the treatment regime that need to be considered:

  • Avoid Sun exposure before the treatments;
  • Must not use a solarium, or apply fake tan on the area for 2 weeks before the treatment;
  • Your skin must be its natural colour as much as possible;
  • Apply a SPF 30+ sun block, especially on the face and arms and
  • Keep treated area out of the sun for 2 weeks.

Other considerations, include:

  • Your skin can become red and even bumpy for up to 8 hours after the treatment, this is normal. It happens to a small percentage of clients;
  • Temporary pigmentation occasionally occurs, it is not permanent but superficial only, and will fade away within 6 weeks. Applying Vitamin E to the effected area will help and speed up the fading process;
  • Your hair can take up to 2 weeks to fall out after treatment;
  • Do not wax, pluck or force hair in the area, as you will stimulate the hair follicle; and
  • Laser Hair Removal is effective on hairs in the growth (Anagen) phase; this represents more than 75% of the hair at any particular time.  The follow up sessions are to target the remaining hairs as they enter the growth (Anagen) phase from the resting (Telogen) phase.

Young people considering laser hair removal must appreciate the discipline involved in maintaining the treatment schedule as well as the requirements before and after treatment. Laser hair removal might not be the best option for some teens, and Laser Hair Removal is not effective for persons with Red or Blonde (or Grey) hair.

Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective method of hair removal for most other people, especially for people with light skin and natural dark hair, and Laser Hair Removal treatment is more effective with thick dark hair than it is with thin light hair.  If you have natural dark hair and dark skin you can still be benefit from laser treatment for hair removal, however additional laser treatments are usually required to achieve satisfactory results.

Further Considerations for Teenagers

The ongoing cost of Laser Hair Removal can be expensive for young people because human hair growth process is usually not mature until our mid 20’s, so further and ongoing maintenance treatments are needed so as to remove unwanted hair as the follicles mature and commence to grow hair. Teenagers benefit from laser hair removal when they are committed to achieving the results and recognise the possible minor side effects.

Causes of Excess Body Hair

What is considered to be excess body hair by friends, and sometimes family, may be normal development but there are medical conditions including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) that may cause early onset puberty in girls as well as excess body hair (hirsutism). There are other medical conditions associated with excess body hair in Girls, as well as Boys.

The trained, experienced and qualified laser therapists at City Laser Clinic may advise that you first seek medical advice and investigation to confirm or eliminate medical conditions that may be causing the hirsutism. Following assessment and clearance by your Medical Practitioner City Laser Clinic can commence Laser Hair Removal treatment to remove and manage excess hair growth.

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