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Vaginal & Perianal Brightening

by | Sep 9, 2021

Vaginal and perianal (aka brazilian) brightening is the process of lightening excessive pigmentation in the skin. Pigmentation can occur for a number of reasons such as ageing, natural melanin levels, and genetics. We understand that it’s not something that you would normally talk about with friends or family. It’s not a topic that is brought up out of embarrassment or out of fear of being/looking different. We can assure you that you are not alone! Brazilian (and underarm) brightening are now one of our most asked for treatments, filling at least 50% of our daily schedules.

Skin brightening procedures have been around for years, however the usual method (i.e. skin bleaching) can be quite damaging to our skin. We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want bleach (yes, actual bleach!) in our nether-regions! At City Laser Clinic, we offer skin brightening through a series of laser treatments. Depending on the depth of your pigmentation, we will use either or a combination of our Medlite Q-Switched laser or our Fraxis Co2 laser.


8 in 10 clients aren’t confident with their vaginal discoloration.

Causes of Genital Pigmentation

We get it – there’s already immense [social] pressure when wearing a bikini or when becoming intimate with a new partner. The least thing you need to worry about is how dark or light your skin is! The first step is to establish why you might have the pigmentation in the first place. It is important to know the causes of pigmentation so that you can prevent the pigmentation from occurring or worsening. It will also prevent the pigmentation from re-occurring after your skin brightening treatments. Some factors may even be considered as a symptom of an underlying medical condition.


Let’s examine the causes so that we can identify the necessary preventative measures to put in place.

  • Constant shaving. This is why we recommend undergoing laser hair removal (LHR) prior to skin brightening treatments. In many cases, our clients are happy with the colouring of their brazilian after LHR treatments. So much so that skin brightening sessions are no longer necessary.
  • Friction from tight underwear.
  • An accumulation of dead skin.
  • Over secretion of melanin by the body. The medical term for this condition is ‘Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation’ (PIH). It is aggravated by burns, skin infections, atopic eczema, and constant friction. In most cases, over-the-counter lightening creams do not work with PIH as the condition lies more in-depth than the others.

How does it work?

At City Laser Clinic we are able to lighten and brighten your intimate areas by 2 – 3 shades, in turn boosting your confidence. We achieve this with the use of our Q-switched laser, carbon mask, and Fraxis Co2 laser. It is a non-invasive technique that is safe, non-painful, and produces visible results within just a few sessions – no downtime required! These treatments adopt the principle of ‘selective photo-thermolysis’, that makes use of a particular wavelength to correct a specific skin condition. In comparison to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for skin brightening, the Q-Switch laser is stronger, more effective, and highly customisable for targeted areas.

Treatment Procedure

The procedure for this a non-invasive treatment and is comfortable and mild on the skin. It begins with the application of our carbon mask onto your areas of concern. It is important to note that the carbon mask may only be used for the first few sessions. Once you are comfortable and the safety goggles are secured to protect your eyes, we will use the Q-switched laser to safely remove the carbon mask. The laser will brighten, lighten, and rejuvenate the skin that the area is passing. It is usually a painless procedure (however some people may feel discomfort), paired with a warm tingling sensation during the process.

Is there downtime?

If you are concerned about the side effects of engaging in the treatment of these areas, then you have nothing to worry about. You may experience a mild tingling sensation and slight redness over the treated area up to 2 hours after the procedure. However there is nothing else of enormous significance. You can resume your daily routine in no time when you apply our prescribed lightening products immediately after the process.


If you aren’t sure if this is the right treatment for you, please don’t hesitate to have a chat to us. We offer free initial consultations prior to all treatments that we offer. In the consultation, one of our experienced technicians will discuss your concerns with you and provide you with available options. It also lets us have a look at the area of concern and thoroughly assess it before getting started. Consultations aren’t mandatory before brightening treatments, however we do highly recommend them!

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