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Clinical Bulletins

Clinical Bulletin 1

GentleLASE®Plus Treatment of Hirsutism and Hypertrichosis

Kenneth R. Beer, M.D. – Esthetic Center West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

“I remember always walking around looking down to the ground so that no one would point fingers at me…. ‘the girl with the beard,’” is how this typical patient with hirsutism felt about herself. Following seven sessions with the GentleLASE Plus, her results were so profound that her self esteem had significantly improved. … read more here

Clinical Bulletin 2

GentleLASE Plus treatment of unwanted hair

Tony Ghidorzi,D.O Medical Director, Lakeview Laser Centre, Chicago, IL, USA

Unwanted hair is a common problem among men and women. Prior to the application of lasers to hair removal, long-term results often took a long time to achieve. With laser hair removal, we are able to achieve permanent results much faster and with less pain than was previously possible.  … read more here

Clinical Paper 2

Treatment of Epidermal Pigmented Lesions with a Long-Pulsed Alexandrite Laser

Katsumi Iwaki, M.D., Iwaki Clinic, Kyoto, Japan

Study on long-pulsed GentleLASE®alexandrite laser treatment of epidermal pigmented lesions, such assenile lentigines, solar keratosis, freckles, and lichenplanopilaris, was performed. Approximately 50-90% improvement (lesion clearance) was observed after a single treatment. …. read more here

Clinical Bulletin 13

GentleLASE®Treatment of Sun-Damaged Skin

Jonathan S. Crane, D.O.Atlantic Dermatology Associates, P.A.Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

“Sun-damaged skin” actually refers to a variety of pigmentary and textural changesin the skin. The term “photoaging” is oftenused to describe the process from which multiple dermatologic conditions develop from chronic exposure to solar UV, includin gsolar lentigines, seborrheic keratoses, telangiectases, cherry angiomas, elastosis of the skin, and skin cancer. . … read more here

City Laser Clinic Clinical Bulletin 8

Clinical Bulletin 8

GentleLASE® Treatment of Ephelides (Freckles)

Maria Cristina Mansur, M.D. Medical Director, Department of Dermatology Centro Científico de Medicina Cutânea—MG; Professor, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora—MG, Brazil

Ephelides, or freckles, are epidermal pigmented lesions common in sun exposure areas. Freckles are often difficult to treat, as patients tend to re-freckle with additional sun exposure. Freckles typically respond to Q-switched laser treatments; but considering that longer wavelength lasers for hair removal also target epidermal melanin, it is supposed that hair removal lasers would also be effective in treating these superficial skin lesions.

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