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Case-Study 1

Steve B. contacted City Laser Clinic for a Free Laser Consultation to discuss his ongoing problem with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae caused by Ingrown Hairs.

Prior to attending, Steve had made a comprehensive research of the issues and made his own assessment based on his experience and reading, including the information on the City laser Clinic web site and other internet resources such as Wikipedia.

During the initial laser hair removal consultation, we examined Steve’s face and neck noting more than 40 ingrown hairs and significant damage including hyper-pigmentation (dark patches) from old ingrown hair damage. Steve has naturally dark curly hair and a light olive complexion that would work well with the laser hair removal therapy.

Steve recognised and appreciated that the laser hair removal treatment would mean removal of all the hair on his face and neck in the treated laser areas, and appreciated that as the best solution for the years of problems with unsightly ingrown hair on his face and neck.

Having completed the usual informed laser consent procedures and health questionnaire, we were able to commence laser hair removal treatments.

On returning 4 weeks later for his second laser hair removal treatment, we noted improvement in his face and neck with significant improvement of the number of ingrown hairs, with only 40 ingrown hairs (40% fewer than the initial consultation) and improvement in the hyper-pigmentation from old ingrown hair damage.

Over the next 8 months, Steve returned each 4 weeks for laser hair removal treatments and achieved almost 90% removal of hair, with remaining hair being much finer. Most significantly Steve reported no ingrown hairs for the past 5 months and a much improved appearance of the skin on his face and neck.  Steve also told us that he had not really appreciated how much the ingrown hairs irritated until he didn’t have any!

Steve returns each 4 months for maintenance laser hair removal visits and not nearly two years since his initial visit has not had an ingrown hair, the skin on his face and neck has returned to an even colour (no light patches of hyper-pigmented skin) and he always comments on the absence of irritation and not having the urge to pick at ingrown hairs.  One surprising comment that Steve makes occasionally is that he sometimes misses the morning shave!

At City Laser Clinic we treat many men like Steve who have endured the discomfort of itchy ingrown hairs for many years and the unsightly light patches of damaged skin from those ingrown hairs.

Ellen A.
Principal Therapist / Director

(02) 9232 8090