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Case-Study 3

As proof that new hair continues to develop, as we grow older, John contacted City Laser Clinic for a free laser consultation to discuss excess hair growth on his ear lobes.

Many people do develop substantial hair growth on their air lobes and at age 58, John had significant hair growth on his ears lobes.  John presented well, and during this initial laser consultation told me that as an executive, he was aware of his appearance, and the way that other people do judge based on appearance.  He was conscious that the hairy ear lobes were making him appear older than his otherwise vital appearance, and detracting from his confidence and self-esteem.  Excessive hair on the ear lobes is usually associated with hormonal changes in the body arising from the ageing process.

Having assessed John as suitable for Laser Hair Removal treatment, we established a treatment plan of 12 treatments each 4 weeks and also advised that this would achieve at least 70% hair loss (improvement) and would also require maintenance visits each 4 months (3 – 4 times a year) following those initial 12 monthly treatments.

On his second visit, I noticed that about half of the hairs had already started to appear finer.  John expressed complete satisfaction, such that we had to explain to him that the reason for the 12 initial visits is to treat hairs that were in the Transition or “Shrivelling” phase (Catagen) or the Resting Phase (Telogen) that cannot be affected by the laser energy.  The laser can only affect hairs in the Growth Phase (Anagen) when the hair is most receptive to Laser Hair Removal because it is rich in protein, keratinized cells and melanin that transmit the laser energy to the hair root.

As hair returns to the Anagen stage, it can be treated.  The other issue and explanation for the need for maintenance visits is that new hair follicles do develop as we age.  As evidenced by the parts of our body that sprout hairs as we grown older – that never had hair on when we were younger.

John came to understand the nature of hair growth and development and appreciate the need for those maintenance visits; one limitation is the inability of current laser devices to treat grey hairs (as well as naturally red and blonde hair).  We are still able to perform laser hair removal treatments on most of the hairs on John ears, but increasingly the new hair follicles that arise are growing grey hairs.  Nevertheless, John remains pleased with the results and his appearance, the remaining hairs are much finer and less noticeable and readily managed by other means.

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Laser Hair Removal Therapist

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