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Here’s why we are the best!

There are a number of reasons why we are highly recommended to family, friends, and colleagues, and are chosen above other laser clinics in which we pride ourselves on.


One of the main reasons that we are able to gaurantee results to our clients is through using one of the highest quality machines on the market. At City Laser Clinic, we continue to use the smaller gauges on the medical grade Candela GentleLase machine for several reasons, including;

  • Ensuring all areas are thoroughly covered, particularly smaller areas such as the upper lip and eyebrows.
  • Smaller gauges allow for a higher setting (and thus better/faster results) to be used, as there is less energy penetrating the skin at once and therefore less painful.
  • Smaller gauges also allow precision, this is especially important upon treating areas such as the hairline and beard line.

Treatment Protocol

At City Laser Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing thorough treatments, honest advice, and successful results to all of our clients.

All of our technicians have been carefully chosen with existing necessary qualifications and experience in laser treatments. In-house training is also provided to all of our technicians to ensure that the well-known City Laser Clinic standards are being provided to all of our new and existing clients.

An initial consultation is required prior to all laser treatments in order for one of our trained technicians to thoroughly explain all aspects and expectations of your upcoming treatments.

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